More Bits ‘n’ Pieces

The occasionality of these posts is becoming even more,er, occasional – today I nearly finished everything for the last painting challenge. It took a bit of stretching of themes but here they are:

1. Perelandra: Venus; Oceanic; Temptation

This Selkie from the Kickstarter Game Tainted Grail – The Fall of Avalon hits all three parts of the theme. I didn’t know about Selkies before getting this beauty as part of the game.

2. LV426: Aliens; A Really, Really Bad Idea

Continuing with the movie theme in my Nightstalker army for Kings of War – here is a Dread Fiend. The model is from the discontinued Mongoose Game Starship Troopers. She’s big but I managed to fit her on the base.

3. Terra: Earthbound; Home

Another Monster of Avalon from Tainted Grail – this tree monster thing is in Earth tones so I’m saying it goes with the theme. Kinda.

4. Lune: Witchcraft; Changing Tides; Moods; Sorcery

This is yet another horde of scarecrows for my Nightstalkers army. I needed them for the Kings of War US Masters last weekend. I used the centrepiece from a larger unit of scarecrows I did a couple of years ago but went with livid pinnk skins instead of purply blue.

We had the Kings of War Masters in Lynnwood, Seattle – a three hour drive for me but much much further for most of the 64 players that came to compete for the title of US Master. It was my first time and I got clubbed like a baby harp seal in a couple of my games, lost narrowly in a couple more and won the other two – my scores put me towards the bottom of the pack – 49th out of 64, achieving my personal goal of not being dead last. I did not reach my team goal for the Pacific Northwest team not to be the worst team, however.

Well that’s nearly it for the 2021/22 Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge late entries – just one more place to visit in the Challenge XII Quadrant

Lame Flame Shades

These would have been my entry for Glorantha (Quest, Runes, Heroes) in the Painting Challenge. I started them way back in December but never seemed to find the inspiration to finish them.

I wanted to have pink/purple flames like the pros do – you know, those beautifully airbrushed pieces. I achieved what I call a “partial success” (ie not a success) and will be seeking help to make my flames less lame in the future.

I’m quite happy with the other elements and I’m getting better at being bolder with highlighting – these need even more in the way of extreme highlights – I’ll work on that in the future.

These gribbly shades are “heroes” in Kings of War for the Nightstalkers faction. It’s a fun faction to play with some unique strategies. I haven’t played the shade yet – there’s a similar piece that costs a few more points that is much, much better than the plain vanilla shade – but maybe I’ll experiment with them.

It’s A Bug’s Life

This would have been my entry for Klendathu on the Challenge XII map – the themes for Klendathu were Bug War and/or An Invasion Gone Bad.

The minis are from the discontinued Mongoose Starship Troopers line. They are chonky – simple to assemble and paint. I never played the original Mongoose game – I’ve seen it on EBay where it goes for a lot of money – mainly because the core box has a ton of rather (un)lovely Arachnid bugs for your gaming pleasure.

These Hopper Bugs make up the third regiment of Soulflayers for my Kings of War Nightstalkers. The Soulflayers are flying terrors that hit hard and can use their Wind Blast power to move enemy units around – great for inconveniencing opponents.

I’m trying to get in as many Kings of War games as possible as the Masters is coming to Seattle this year and I’m hoping to be on the Pacific Northwest’s team. We’re not known for our excellence at the game in this region – but hopefully that’s going to change in 2022!

All 3 Units

I’m Walter – Twy Me!

At the beginning of Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge XII I asked my wargaming friends if they wanted me to paint something for them. I was looking forward to some variety and wanted to put some toys out there that would not depend on me to get played with.

Andrew, who has a 3D printer came up with this one. He’s a great painter himself so he didn’t want to give me something that would be in his SAGA or Battletech armies – but he thought this Judge Dredd character would work as we’ve been talking about playing this game from Warlord for a while.

I grew up with 2000AD and have fond memories of it being delivered on Friday mornings. I don’t have quite such fond memories of Walter – Dredd’s irritating sidekick in his early stories. Walter was fun to paint – ending up a bit darker than I’d intended – but looks OK in the photos.

This would have been my entry for the themed challenge “Weird Sentient Robots” (planet Skaro on the Challenge Map).